Brexit Solution

Let's Talk Brexit

Scotstone Group Ltd is unable to comment as to whether Brexit will occur or not or what form it may take. However, Scotstone Group Ltd will be able to offer an immediate solution to UK Fund Managers taking the present uncertainty worries away.

Scotstone Group Ltds’ service involves setting-up an Alternative Investment Fund on a Scotstone Group Ltd Hosting Platform with Scotstone Fund Managers Limited acting as the appointed Fund Manager, having the discretionary management of the fund. The UK manager will then be appointed as the advisor.

What's Different With

Scotstone's Offering

It is a relatively inexpensive and easy option due to the following:

Scotstone Group Ltd does not advise the re-domiciling of an existing fund, only the setting up of a mirror fund of the existing fund.

Re- domiciling a fund takes time and is both costly and disruptive to existing investors.

By re-domiciling into the EU the fund manager effectively hands over his entire existing fund to the hosting asset manager for the fund to comply with the AIFMD and as a result will have to pay a percentage of his existing asset management fee.

Malta’s comparative cost-effectiveness versus other well – known countries in the EU makes it a very advantageous jurisdiction with the added advantage being that fund administrators in Malta as well as being cheaper have no issue in taking on smaller funds.

This solution applies to all current funds not domiciled in the EU and not only to UK managers.