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Scotstone Fund Managers Limited is a Malta domiciled Fund Management Company licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager. We manage funds on behalf of a number of investment Houses who act as the consultants to the fund.

Scotstone Fund Managers Limited is fully AIFMD compliant and is therefore able to manage Alternative Investment Funds registered in EU and non-EU jurisdictions.


Energy Fund

Energy Fund, a sub-fund of the Company is a Notified AIF under the Investment Services Act (List of Notified AIFs) Regulations (Legal Notice 219 of 2016, as amended from time to time) which is available to Eligible Investors as detailed in the Offering Supplement and in the Offering Memorandum.

The Fund is constituted by the class/es (and series) of Investor Shares described in the Offering Supplement, will invest its assets in accordance with its specific investment objective and policies described herein and has the other characteristics described in more detail in the Offering Supplement. It is established as a distinct (segregated) sub-fund of the Company in terms of the SICAV Regulations, and accordingly, the assets and liabilities of the Fund shall be treated, for all intents and purposes of law, as a patrimony separate from the assets and liabilities of each other distinct sub-fund of the Company, pursuant to such Regulations, as explained in more detail in the Offering Memorandum (in particular under the part titled ‘Segregated Funds’ under the section ‘Key Features’ thereof).

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Sparkasse Bank Malta p.l.c.
101 Townsquare, Ix-Xatt ta’ Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema SLM3112, Malta
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Scotstone Alternative Funds IC SICAV p.l.c.
registered in Malta as a multi-fund public limited liability company with variable share capital with registration number SV556
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Trident Fund Services (Malta) Limited
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Tel: +356 21 434525

Scotstone Fund Managers Limited
68, Northfields, Penthouse 10, Level 3, Independence Avenue, Mosta MST9026, Malta

Energy Fund's

Key Fund Information

The Fund was classified into the [fourth] risk category.monies) for the subscription of Investor Shares.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Lower Risk Lower Expected Yield Higher Risk Higher Expected Yield
"A" Series Shares
Recommended investment term 3-5 Years
* Expected yield/year 4,5-5%
* This value represents a simulated annual yield and does not reflect the actual live performance of the fund.
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Energy Fund


  • Form of operation: open-ended distinct sub-fund targeting qualifying investors.
  • Type of Fund: commodity.
  • Geographical exposure of the Fund: global.
  • Reference currency for the Fund: EUR.
  • Initial subscription period: the period commencing on the Notification Date and ending three calendar months thereafter, during which an investor may apply (and pay the relevant subscription monies) for the subscription of Investor Shares.

EUR :100,000

Minimum initial investment amount

Energy Fund's


The following fees serve as coverage for the Fund operation and are payable by Investors. Such fees include among others the Fund management, distribution, depository services, supervision costs, as well as the costs relating to the issue and distribution of fund shares.

One-off Fees Before & After Your Investment
Subcription fee (entry fee) * 0%
Redemption/Exit Fees 5%, within the first year following subscription. 0%, after the lapse of the first year following subscription.

The one-off fees indicated in the table are the maximum amounts that may be deducted from your money before the investment or the payment of the yield of the investment. The Offering Memorandum and the Offering Supplement provide more detailed information on any fees that may arise in connection with the investment.

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The policy of the investment fund’s structure avoids the market speculation and the influences of the financial market. This way, the risk level can be fully minimized.

The actual sale of electricity is based totally on demand and supply; it is an essential element and need of today’s world. The operation of the Stock Exchange is independent from trading, and the exchange rate.

Energy Fund


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